Benefits Of A Woman Sucking A Man’s Penis?

Benefits Of A Woman Sucking A Man’s Penis?

If you ask a woman what are the benefits of a woman sucking a mans penis, you would probably get some very confused looks. However, women do it all the time and so it’s not that uncommon. When a man is having sex with his partner and she wants to have an orgasm, she will usually go ahead and suck on his member. Women love the feeling of being able to control what goes on in bed, even if she has to do it while using her mouth. Read on to discover some of the benefits of a woman sucking a mans penis…

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Women love the ability to be independent A lot of women love the ability to have their own decisions when it comes to their sexual activities. They’re not always going to be open about their needs and wants, but when a woman does have an interest in satisfying a man’s needs sexually, she will let him know about it. When you’re with your man, she can make a point to discuss things with you and get your opinion on them. When she has a say in how things should be handled, she’s much more likely to relax and let herself go to the fullest extent when it comes to enjoying sex.

She can build up her self esteem One of the main benefits of a woman sucking a mans penis is that it gives her the chance to build up her self esteem. The truth is that women who can talk to the people around them are more confident in themselves. A woman that can get the most out of a situation is going to be much more likely to be happy in it. When she can make her man feel comfortable and at ease with her, she will be able to let him know that she can take charge in the bedroom. When she’s comfortable enough to do that, she’ll likely feel much more confident and positive about sex.

It improves her orgasm You may not think that this is an actual benefit of what are the benefits of a woman sucking a mans penis, but it really is. When a woman is aroused by sex, she will be able to orgasm much faster. When she is aroused, the blood rush to her genitals will be increased and this is when you are going to be able to give her multiple orgasms. The more stimulation a woman receives, the quicker she will orgasm. The combination of a stroking and a licking will cause her to reach a climax faster than if you were only engaging in oral sex.

She will be able to please herself better Sucking is actually very good for a woman in that it will help to stimulate the clitoris in the female. This is a key part in a lady’s sexual arousal because the clitoris is the spot at which all of the nerves from her vagina will send her an erotic signal. When a woman sucks on a mans penis, the shaft rubs against her lips and then goes into her throat. The more saliva that is present the better the stimulation on her clitoris. This is how she is going to find out just how pleasurable it is to suck on a penis. In addition, when a man licks her lips and she moans in pleasure, this is a clear indication that the oral sex that she received was great.

These are the benefits of what are the benefits of a woman sucking a mans penis. The next time that you are out shopping for a woman, remember that you should pick one that likes to suck. A good cunnilingus session will set the mood for what is going to follow and will be an unforgettable experience for you both. If you can get your girl hot and bothered, what are the benefits of a woman sucking a mans penis?

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